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How Web Analytics Can Help Enhance Your Campaign Performance?

Web analytics is the process of analyzing the behavior of visitors to a website. It involves collecting and analyzing data about the number of visitors, the pages they visit, their activities on the site, the technology they use, and the sources of their visits. The purpose of web analytics is to provide insights into how people use a website, so that website owners can optimize the website experience and increase visitor engagement.

Our Reporting & Analytics Services

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Google Analytics

It is the most widely used web analytics service on the web. Google Analytics provides data and insights to help businesses better understand their online audiences and optimize their marketing and website performance. It provides insights into website visitors, traffic sources, and user behavior. It also offers insights into how users interact with specific webpages and how they are influenced by advertisements and other marketing campaigns. Google Analytics can be used to measure the success of online marketing campaigns, track website performance, and optimize website user experience.


Custom Web Analytics Software

Web analytics software help companies collect, analyze, and measure their web data to better understand and optimizing their web page. Any business with online presence can leverage this technology to measure and analyze the behavior of their website visitors. As web analytics helps organizations derive several useful business insights, such as market trends, market segmentation, market interest, etc.


Campaign Analytics

Campaign analysis consists of tracking, measuring and optimizing website visitor traffic and reach and acquisition initiatives. Campaign analytics is an integral part of the overall web analytics process because a major part of the online budget is invested in getting visitor traffic to the website.


Clickstream Analytics

Clickstream analytics is a type of analytics that collects and analyzes data about the actions that people take while they are using a website, application, or other digital product. This data is collected through a process called clickstream tracking, which typically involves using JavaScript code to track the actions that people take on a website or in an app. This data can then be used to better understand user behavior, identify areas of improvement, and optimize the user experience.


Real Estate Data Visualization

You're implementing social media strategies for high return on investment, right? Our social media paid advertising activities will help you to calculate the return on investment that your social media campaign will get. We will analyze the different aspects of your business to ensure that you get a high ROI rate for each social media campaign.


Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is the use of data and analytics to improve the performance and effectiveness of an organization's human capital. It involves the collection and analysis of data related to the workforce, such as employee satisfaction, productivity, turnover, recruitment, and performance. The goal of workforce analytics is to help organizations make better decisions about their human capital and gain insights into the dynamics of the workforce.

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How Do We Implement Web Analytics?

informed decisions that increase their business bottom-line


Analytics Consulting

Whether you have already implemented website analytics, but not receiving proper results, or you are someone new who is still confused about why you should invest in professional website analytics services, we can help you. SEO Discovery has a team of professional and experienced web analytics experts who will audit your website properly. Our analytics team will try to understand your current analytical practices, and also understand the goals of your business. We believe in setting the right foundation.



Once we do an analytical audit and receive all the information, we do some research in order to discover opportunities, along with implementing new strategies that will work to gather data, which are relevant to your business. Our topmost priority is to prepare a robust strategy, which will work. We understand that you as a businessman want the best for your business, and we want the same too! That’s why we follow a robust strategy.



In the implementation stage, we will set up a track code for the website along with setting goals, custom dimensions, and set parameters. Once you hire us, we ensure to make you understand the strategies that we follow so that you get to know why we do our job in a specific way. SEO Discovery as the best web analytics company in India always wants its clients to be educated about the things that we are doing and also what is happening in their business website.



We follow a continuous process of data and digital analysis, which leads to actions that are optimized and analysed. The reports that will be generated from the analytical tool will be studied frequently and regularly to ensure that the data that has been captured are relative and clean, and matches with your business goal. After that, we will share the same website analytical data with you to make good business decisions.

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