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All software development industry is indeed a boon to the job-seekers in India. It pays you well and if you are moderately lucky you will end up doing no work, but earning handful. All softwrae companies have created a compensation trend that other industries are finding tough to adapt to. Today it is like ‘If you want to lead a comfortable life with no physical strain- get in to any software company.

Now to the life of a slogger. After the training – you are told about the project and your work with much hype. You dont get complete information from one person. You need to gather it in bits and pieces from many people. Suddenly when u go for doubts people become extremely busy or atleast they want to become busy. Finally you set your foot in the project and get on with the work. There will be an age old framework for the project and it is sacrosanct and iron clad. You talk for hrs together about an alternative- but hear the response.

This short survey will help you determine how your workplace experience compares with that of others across five categories: health and well-being; trust and safety; enjoyment and satisfaction; focus and prioritization; and meaning and significance. The visualization you'll see at the end of the survey is based on your own behaviours, your relationship with your manager, and the organization in which you work.


All of these business goals are intertwined and affected each time an employee is added to your workforce. A team full of happy, well-trained employees is an invaluable asset to any organization. Businesses should take advantage of their own talent pool by providing employees with the necessary tools to drive performance and productivity

• Internal communication at the workplace
• Breaks
• Taking care of personal business during a working day
• Work-related training
• Presents
• Holidays
• Language at work
• Well-being at work and work-related recreation
• Individual and collective efficiency
• Working from home and new methods to organise working hours
• Working environment
• Key life events and benefits
• Health and safety
• Management

Success Life
Successful Life !

The most successful as a software professionals power their careers by getting noticed by the people who matter. But the successful don't do that at the expense of others. In fact, the reverse is the case. The successful actually provide the inspirational leadership which helps their whole team to deliver superior performance. That's because they understand that building effective teams is the secret to delivering on-time and on-budget projects - the kind that get noticed in the boardroom for the right reasons.

By conducting reviews at the end of each project or engagement, and using these reviews to form the employee's annual performance appraisal, your managers can better support their employees' performance and progression,


Internal communication at the workplace


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