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Insurance companies and financial services organizations are evolving. The customers and agents challenge you with constantly changing service demands and expect instant access to their accounts

Every Insurer faces internal challenges in relation to the productivity of their agents, producers, brokers, and employees, and to stay competitive out in the market, they need to reduce the cycle time for their product launches, improve their customers’ experience, and reduce the time, cost and effort in administering their policy transactions. In addition, they also need to proactively detect and prevent fraud, manage claims processes faster and adhere to risk and regulatory compliances to avoid paying penalties.

Insurance administration system is an end-to-end, yet modular, core policy administration suite for the life insurance, annuities, savings, pension and medical markets. automates processes across the entire policy lifecycle, with event-driven architecture and powerful workflow management. It provides users, agents and customers a full digital experience with real-time.

Systema Software provides flexible, comprehensive technology solutions and services to the insurance industry. Its flagship product, SIMS Claims, including the SIMS Insight business intelligence module, is a browser-based property and casualty claims administration system.

Our value proposition is simple. We offer systems designed by the most industry business analysts and architects. We have quality-centric, scalable software, engineered in compliance with industry standards and supported by a secure, integrated infrastructure.

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